Freddie Phillipson and Lucy Pritchard

Studio 2

1:500 ‘earthwork’ model by Stefan Hurrell


Studio 2 have been working in the Greek province of Mani, a sparsely settled landscape of dramatic beauty, rich in archaeological material.

The site for our design research included the remains of the ancient city of Kainipolis, and an abandoned settlement dating approximately from the end of the 18th century. This collection of fragments is set among olive groves and extensive dry stone terracing.

The brief for the main project was to provide accommodation for two kinds of ‘gathering’ or temporary home: for archaeologists and 'cultural tourists'. The program suggests how building within this particular landscape might be approached with a keener understanding of the character of Mani than is displayed in the region's contemporary individualistic pattern of development. This requires a critical stance towards the order of the existing landscape and the region’s archaeological and architectural heritage.

We characterised the year as ‘unsettled’. With this theme we tried to capture an important characteristic of Mani, but also to suggest the 'unsettling' aspect which is inherent in architectural research: the critical distance required from familiar things.

Travelling to Greece, we focused on the relationship between building and landscape, from ancient Athens to the work of twentieth century Greek architects (Pikionis, Konstantinidis) whose buildings seem at the same time ancient and modern, abstract and vernacular, both part of the landscape and distinct from it. Through intensive sketching, site survey and model making, students have developed proposals which form the basis of a personal investigation into the meaning of topography and the interconnection of settings which people inhabit, between building and landscape.


Course Architecture BA (Hons)


Model of Mani peninsula

Group work

Site model showing dry stone walls and ruin network

Group Work

Earthwork plan and Cultural tourism plots

Andrew Parry

Walking on the walls

Brajan Kostrzewski

Pathway collage

Jihyun Lim

Perspective of cultural tourist settlement

Varun Nambiar

1:500 ‘earthwork’ model

Stefan Hurrell

Section of proposal looking south west

Stefan Hurrell

Multipurpose hall

Stefan Hurrell

Archaeologists’ courtyard

Ryan McStay

Site plan

Stefana Gradinariu

View of lapidarium

Stefana Gradinariu

Archaeology accommodation model

Stefana Gradinariu

Model of archaeology complex and existing settlement

Nora Szosznyak

Archaeology accommodation – section

Nora Szosznyak

Landscape strategy drawing

Johnny Poland

Existing settlement gardens

Johnny Poland

Archaeology complex – entrance view

Johnny Poland


Wan Emir Astar
Christopher Cooke
Luis Ortega Govela
Stefana Gradinariu
Stefan Hurrell
Agnieszka Kowalska
Ryan McStay
Varun Nambiar
Andrew Parry
Johnny Poland
Aneta Ikwuagwu
Brajan Kostrzewski
Jihyun Lim
Tahban Mokree
Ibrahim Oraha
Sulaiman Quereshi
Nora Szosznyak
Leyla Yesiltas


Vassiliki Attart
Jonathan Cook
David Derby (Price & Myers)
Lesley McFadyen
Dan Stewart
Caroline Wilson (Julian Harrap Architects)


Alex Arestis
Iris Argyropoulou
Florian Beigel
Peter Carl
Pierre d'Avoine
Emily Greeves
David Kohn
Marina Lathouri
Nina Lundvall
Iain Maxwell
Inigo Minns
James Payne
Sabine Rosenkranz
Daniel Serafimovski
Luigi Snozzi
Sabine Storp
Felix Xylander-Swannell

With thanks to

En Athinais Arxaiologiki Etaireia (Archaeological Society of Athens)
Giorgos Dimakogiannis
Adouloti Mani publications
Gioula Kourakou