Viktor Jak and David Leech

Studio 1

Berlin and the Gleisdreieck site on Yorckstrasse by Moon Hoseong

Cultured Landscape; Gleisdreieck, Berlin

Studio 1 has worked on Yorckstrasse in Berlin, in the former railway landscape of Gleisdreieck; a plateau of quiet wilderness in the midst of the dense tenement extension of the 1880's Hobrecht plan. Untouched for years, the place is strange and magic, almost too good to be altered. Most students were drawn to the edges, investigating the delicate threshold between city and landscape.

Program wasn't immediately defined; ideas on place - urban and wild, civility and character guided us. In the end production became the theme for both proposed interiors and external landscape interventions. Proposed strategies seek to define these edges, with buildings that straddle the threshold between city and wilderness. A critical approach to the designated urban park, instead productive landscapes were proposed, providing a didactic experience of circular urban metabolism; producing resources and receiving waste.

The main project begun with a suite of shorter non-linear exercises to propose our architectural components; A Room With no Ceiling, Shared Hall, Landscape Narrative, Building Ensemble and Deep Wall, brought together in the final project. The specifically non-linear structure of the year's briefs aimed to raise awareness of each 'stage' of designing. We have continued to work extensively with models, as design tools as well as representational media; site models at different scales to test urban design, interior models that explore light qualities and expressive character.


Course Architecture BA (Hons) 


North view over the Gleisdreieck site

By Moon Hoseong

Site as rift in city & railway tracks on the site

By Henry Isotta Day

Building strategy & landscape strategy

By Hugh Counsell

Urban strategies by Hugh Counsell, William Beeston, Moon Hoseong, Barnaby Hughes and Hamish Warren

Shared hall interiors By Moon Hoseon, Barnaby Hughes, Hamish Warren and Hugh Counsell

Shared hall interiors By Wayne Blythe, Aiden Williams, William Beeston and Julija Utk

Elevation of proposed building ensemble south of Yorckstrasse

By Barnaby Hughes

Building ensemble and market yard

By Barnaby Hughes

Ensemble of buildings and courtyards

By Julija Utko

Art school courtyard inviting the wilderness of the landscape

By Julija Utko

Art school lobby interior with view over wilderness

By Julija Utko

Ensemble of buildings and working yards with urban apple orchard

By Henry Isotta Day

Apple cider pressing hall

By Henry Isotta Day

An edge of city buildings and building trade school

By Hamish Warren

Zimmermen approaching southern entrance of building trade school

By Hamish Warren

Roofscapes; building trade school and city buildings

By Hamish Warren

Threshold; Market space and new shed buildings

By William Beeston

New shed buildings in winter landscape

By William Beeston


Moon Hoseong
Henry Isotta Day
Hugh Counsell
Wayne Blythe
Aiden Williams
William Beeston
Julija Utko
Barnaby Hughes
Hamish Warren
Barty Dulake
Beatrice Ciacchella
John Jeong
Lyndon Jones
Noor Kassam
Simon Whitehead
Stefania Chalakatevaki


Adam Khan
Angela Spencer
Florian Zierer
Jan Baes
John Glew
Peter St John
Prisca Thielmann
Richard Lavington
Rob Loader
Jamie Wallace
Sam de Vocht
Sebastian Hicks
Signy Svalastoga
William Mann

With thanks to

Alan Benzie – Former student
Carsten Vellguth - LMU
Christa Kuchenbacker – Gruen Berlin
Colm MacAoidh – Former student
James Payne & Nina Lundvall – Studio 5
Janna Hohn - TU Berlin
Leonard Grolsch - Atelier Loidl Berlin
Victoria Collinge – Former student
Will Haggard & Josh Carver – Studio 8