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Open Field

The Cass School of Art

The activity of Open Field provides insight into how artists ‘practice’. One of key reasons for establishing this studio is for students to be able to share in, and observe the resident artists’ working processes, the practical and the theoretical development of the work, and the work’s contextual hinterland. 

Open Field stands for experimental learning scenarios that privilege collective practical investigation, speculative approaches to the development of ideas and forms, informal work-based learning, and methods of working which are sensitive to context. As such the Open Field studio offers a responsive and dexterous form of education for The Cass students, at the same time as offering the chance to learn about professional practice in creative industries through first-hand experience. For those people ‘in residence’, it offers time and space for re-evaluating one's practice, and for considering ways in which contact with the Fine Art course might influence their work as artists and teachers, as well as access to highly skilled technicians and sophisticated production processes.

Open Field at The Cass is unique within UK BA/MA Fine Art courses, and represents a serious interest in investigating the future of learning within this field. What’s particularly progressive about Open Field is its commitment to supplementing the student experience through direct contact with practicing artists, and the unique opportunity to observe and take part in the development of their practice in the studio.

Open Field events are included in the Fine Art BA/MA timetable, and a small group of students from a range of studios will be assigned to Open Field for each residency period. The assigned students will work as artist’s assistants, will take part in the Open Field parallel program alongside their regular studio work, and will be responsible for helping to organise Open Field events.

The parallel program will include workshops and seminars that are specifically tailored to the concerns of the artist in residence. 

During each residency period Open Field will host the following events:

  • an introductory artists’ talk by Open Field residents
  • two participatory events for Fine Art BA/MA students
  • parallel program events run by The Cass staff
  • A residency closing event during which residents present the work developed during the residency period



Location The Cass, Calcutta Small Annex
Contact Ben Cain
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Open Field programme 2017-18

Artist / residency datesIntroductory artist's talkClosing event
Smári Róbertsson and Will Peck
29 September until 11 November
Thursday 5 October
Room tba
Thursday 9 November
Open Field Studio
Jamie Jenkinson
11 November until 16 December
Thursday 16 November
Room tba
Thursday 14 December
Open Field Studio
Bethan Hughes
6 January until 3 February
Thursday 11 January
Room tba
Thursday 1 February
Open Field Studio
Rehana Zaman, Michelle Williams Gamaker and Samia Malik
3 February 3 until 3 March
Thursday 8 February
Room tba
Thursday 1 March
Open Field Studio
Matthew Smith
3 March until 24 March
Thursday 8 March
Room tba
Thursday 22 March
Open Field Studio
7 April 7 until 12 May
Thursday 12 April
Room tba
Thursday 10 May
Open Field Studio

Open Field residencies at The Cass

Open Field 2017-18

Artists residency at The Cass School of Art

The activity of Open Field provides insight into how artists ‘practice’.