Artist impressions of the new C Block

C Block renovations

The One Campus|One Community (OC|OC) project is quickly gaining momentum, and as we progress towards our transformation into a one-campus University, new and exciting projects are launching.

The first development of the OC|OC project will see the construction of new suites and teaching and learning spaces for all students ready for use in January 2018 at the Holloway campus.

What is C Block?

C Block is an area of the Holloway campus that was formerly used as administrative offices where both the Estates and Information Technology Services were located. As part of OC|OC, this area of the building will be transformed into three floors of brand new teaching and learning spaces, enhancing our teaching with high-spec classrooms and technology.

The C Block Project

C Block will be comprehensively renovated in the autumn of 2017/18 academic year to provide new teaching and learning facilities. Contractors have been appointed and work has now begun.

Feedback received from staff and students around our Strategic Plan highlighted a need for the transformation of the learning experience and design features, which for our stakeholders mattered most in ensuring a high-quality teaching environment.

At the start of the project, a series of User Group Workshops were held with our teaching staff to identify what kinds of teaching spaces were needed, and the information technology required to support it. Key findings included the need to design spaces that respond to different student clienteles and different styles of teaching, as well as spaces that support more collaborative work between students.

Choice of furnishings is key: modern classroom furniture can facilitate a wide range of teaching styles and group work, and it is flexible enough to re-configure room layouts easily.

With this in mind, the block will be refurbished inside and out to create exciting, top quality, new spaces fitted out with the latest teaching technology. There will be 11 new teaching rooms of differing capacities created to accommodate a wider range of courses and methodologies of delivery. This space will be accessible and usable by different schools and subject areas.

C Block presents a great opportunity for London Met to provide a stimulating, attractive environment for teaching and learning, drawing on the best of current practice.

What will C Block offer?

We have designed modern, flexible, spacious rooms and social spaces where you will be able to work, relax, network and socialise to your heart's content. These new facilities will enhance the student experience providing a world-class environment for compelling teaching and learning experiences.

With a focus on spatial arrangement, impact and function, the C Block project will ensure that these brand new spaces are:

  • welcoming and readily accessible for all lecturers and students
  • adaptable, easily and quickly reconfigurable for a range of teaching and learning activities
  • world-class in design and technology to ensure teaching and learning excellence in a top-quality environment

Take a look at the development of C Block as works progress by visiting our C Block renovations gallery.

What do you think?

The design work is being done with you in mind and so we want your feedback!

Tell us what you think about the project and its design and what you’d like to see in classes by joining the conversation on our Community Google+ group.