Artist impressions of the new Highbury Canteen

The Highbury Canteen

By the end of 2017 London Met will see the opening of the new Highbury Canteen as part of our One Campus, One Community (OCOC) project.

The canteen will open in the C Block area of Holloway campus, transforming what was previously known as Enrico’s Kitchen into a large and vibrant cafeteria for student and staff enjoyment.

C Block is currently undergoing a number of developments ahead of plans for the space to be reintroduced as a brand new teaching and learning facility in January 2018. We want to create a new food hall that is easily accessible and based in a convenient location for anyone studying in the C Block area of the campus.

Designed by Bond Bryan Architects, the canteen will have an industrial, warehouse-inspired interior, featuring a new coffee shop and seating area.

Students and staff will benefit from a bright and modern refectory space that will offer an enhanced menu with a broader food range.

Works have now begun and the new head chef has been appointed.

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