Unit 1

Plan Scale 1:200

Tutored by Florian Beigal and Philip Christou

More about the proposed design plan

An ensemble of low and high in-situ cast concrete walls, are thoughtfully and carefully placed to make good spatial relationships with the trees and the city. A low level wall begins outside the North-west corner gate of the fields as a companion to the historic stone fountain there. This low wall extends in segments into the fields where it eventually comes close to a large tree. At this moment the wall is built above head height and turns the corner, creating a partially enclosed room around the tree. The carpet of leaves under the tree becomes the floor and the canopy of the tree is the roof.

There is no defined purpose or function. The gravitas of the walls make a good sense of place within the park. One can imagine these walls being used as a backdrop to theatrical or musical performances, framing views back to the Soane Museum.

Project images

Strategic plan

Scale 1:500

Long section through Lincoln's Inn Fields

Scale 1:100

Long section of proposal

Scale 1:20

Section of proposal

Scale 1:20

Plan of proposal and existing trees

Scale 1:20

Proposed view

View of the room, looking back at the Soane Museum

Physical model

Scale 1:20

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