Not(e)able Objects

Not(e)able Objects

Exciting work designed and made by both 2nd year and graduating Jewellery & Silversmithing students from the ‘Bespoke and Make Studio’ at The Cass. The pieces are inspired by and reflect an individually chosen song. The selection of songs were originally pressed by the EMI record label in their vinyl factory based in Hayes, Middlesex.

Students' work

I decide to make a love token. I took impressions of shapes from my acrylic painting, and then through the process of lost wax casting, created the final work.

Links black Africa with white Britons, rural tribes with urban tribes, raw and re-used material. Informed by the sounds, attitudes and mores of The Sex Pistols' 'Anarchy in the UK'

Locket is inspired by The Beatles song 'I will'. The words have been immortalised in white enamel on the locket. The locket also contains a silhouette of a woman.

One of the typical travellers musical instruments, the tambourine is the essence of the most distinctive features of the Gypsy nation: extreme emotions, drive, movement and musicality.

In my piece I tried to express melodic lyricism versus the sharpness of Kate's voice in my object. I went for very calming round shapes featuring sharp edges and a splash of red enamel.

A brooch which plays with the movement of the music, it moves and changes its shape as the music changes rhythm. The brooch combines vinyl rigidity and fluidity of music.

The design was inspired by The Beatles song, ‘Taxman’. I chose a bracelet for its round shape as it is never ending. Just like the money we always have to pay the Taxman.

Left: Carol Sing, 'Box' Song: 'Chopin' Right: Jennifer Marcal, 'Floating Visions' Song: 'The Way You Look Tonight', Frank Sinatra

Left: Imogen Allan, 'Interlocked' Song: 'Wouldn't it be nice', Beach Boys Right: Josephine Louisa Wood, 'Teardrop' Song: 'The Man in the Station', John Martyn

Left: Jane Sprague, ' Coronet Napkin' Ring Song: An extract from the ballet 'Swan Lake", Tchaikovsky Right: Deborah Belli, 'Rebirth' Song: 'Atom Heart Mother', Pink Floyd

Left: Chris Townsend, 'A Start and an End' Song: 'Time', Pink Floyd Right: Jayne Fowler, '3.41' Song: 'Ebony and Ivory', Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney

Left: Kajsa Malmstrom, 'Sump Earcuff' Song: 'Sump', Celia Hempton Right: Graham Stapleton, 'Kerenhapptic' Song: 'Any Colour You Like', Pink Floyd

Left: Catherine Hart, 'The Great Gig in the Sky' Song: 'The Great Gig in the Sky', Pink Floyd Right: Maciek Szpicer, 'Nothing' Song: 'Black and Tan Fantasies', Duke Ellington

Left: Shirley 'Vinsier' Skerritt, 'Music in Motion Song: 'Three Coins in a Fountain', Frank Sinatra Right: Marguerite Chin, 'Crackling Rosie' Song: 'Cracklin' Rosie', Neil Diamond