Calogero Giametta

Calogero Giametta is a PhD candidate with the Institute for the Study of European Transformations at London Metropolitan University. 

Can you tell us about your research?

"I am a PhD candidate within the Institute for the Study of European Transformations at London Metropolitan University. I was a recipient of the 2010 London Metropolitan University Vice-Chancellor scholarship. Since 2010 I have been conducting my research fieldwork with people who claim asylum in the UK because of fear of persecution in their countries of origin due to their sexual orientation and, or gender identity. From the outset of my academic studies I have been interested in developing a critical analysis of the nexus between sexuality and migratory processes." 

What have emerged as the key areas?

"Important areas of my research interests and writings include: the formation of homonormative discourses within western LGBT politics, the instrumentalisation of sexual minorities that reinforces the divide between ‘queers of the West’ and ‘queers of the Global South’, queers and Islam and the emergence of sexual citizenship discourses within liberal democracies."

Calogero's research project primarily aims to question the linearity of ‘liberation’ or ‘rescue’ narratives from what are monolithically construed (according to western epistemologies) as oppressive religious mindsets; a trope that is often used to define the journey of the sexual-minority refugee. At the same time the research attempts to critique the production of victimhood operated by the system of institutions throughout the asylum process.


To follow Calogero’s work, please visit his academic profile page.