Sylvie Contrepois


Reader, European Employment Relations

Member of the research laboratory CRESPPA-CSU (CNRS-Paris)


  • PhD Sociology (Evry University, France)
  • MA Sociology of work (Paris VII University, France)
  • BA Economy, labour law and sociology (Paris VII University, France)
  • Professional qualification in journalism (two years training), Centre de Perfectionnement des journalistes de Paris


Sylvie began her academic career in France in the mid 1990s, progressively shifting away from her professional activities in journalism and institutional communication to concentrate on scholarship.

From 1995 to 2006, she held a half-time lectureship at Evry University. She also delivered lectures and seminars at Paris X Universities and at the ISG International Business School of Paris. She taught theories and methods in sociology; sociology of work; social policies and labour law.

She was awarded her PhD on 'Today’s trade union practices and strategies', in 2001. It was published as a book, Syndicats, la nouvelle donne, in 2003. She then obtained a post-doctoral full-time fellowship from the regional council of Paris in 2006 in order to conduct research in France on ‘Women and collective bargaining’ (January 2006 - June 2007).

Sylvie was first appointed at London Metropolitan University in 2002. She became a full-time member of staff of the Working Lives Research Institute in 2007 before joining the School of social sciences in 2014. Her research activity is based in France, at the CRESPPA-CSU CNRS research laboratory.

Research interests and expertise

Industrial relations and collective identities are Sylvie’s main areas of expertise. Working in these fields, she is especially interested in examining the notions of institutions, institutionalisation, democracy, representation, collective action and direct action. Her research is at the cross road of sociology of work, social history, labour law and employment policies. 

Project coordination

  • Industrial Relations in Multilingual environment at work (IR-MultiLing), European Union DG Employment and Social Affairs, 2014-2016.
  • Internships, work placements, volunteering: stages on the road to decent work or to insecurity? (INTERNSTAGE), European Union DG Employment and Social Affairs, 2013 – 2015.
  • How transferable is the French social model? French multinational companies and their influence on the evolution of industrial relations in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. French Ministry of Labour (DARES), 2005 – 2009.
  • European observatory of Teleworking (OSPRACT), European Union DG Research, Adapt, 1999 - 2001

Partnerships in European project

 The concept of representativeness at national and EU level, EUROFOUND, 2014 – 2015

  • Precarious work amongst students in Europe (PRECSTUDE), European Union DG Employment and Social Affairs, 2011 – 2013
  • Space, Place and the Historical and contemporary articulations of regional, national and European identities through work and community in areas undergoing economic REstructuring and regeneration (SPHERE), European Union DG Research, FP7 2008 – 2011
  • Social Dialogue and the Changing Role of Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation Services in Europe (CAMS), DG Employment and Social affairs, 2008 – 2010
  • Women’s social reintegration after prison (MIP), European Union DG Research, FP5, 2004 – 2005
  • Representation and voice in Small and Medium-sized European enterprises: monitoring Actors, Labour organisations and Legal frameworks (SMALL), European Union DG Research, FP5, 2002 - 2005

PhD Supervision

  • Berbatovci Vlora, « The influence of employment skills support and inequalities at work in the incentives to migrate - the case study of Kosovo », Londonmet VC Scholarship. Current.
  • Courtnage Sylvia, « Trade unions responses to outsourcing and offshoring in the publishing sector », Professional Doctorate « Researching Work », London Metropolitan University. Current.
  • Rogalewski Adam, « British and Swiss trade unions inclusion of migrants from the new EU member states : comparing unison and Unia efforts to include polish migrant workers », Professional Doctorate « Researching Work », London Metropolitan University. Current.
  • Sharples Luke Joseph, « From Guitar Makers to Surf Board Shapers: A Biographical Study of the Artisans in 21st Century Great Britain ». Londonmet VC Scholarship. Current.
  • Wilson David « Trade union renewal in the face of privatisation », », Professional Doctorate « Researching Work », London Metropolitan University. Current.



Andolfatto Dominique, S. Contrepois (eds) (2016), Syndicats et dialogue social, les modèles occidentaux à l’épreuve, Peterlang, Forthcoming.

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Articles in peer reviewed academic journals

Contrepois Sylvie (2015), « Students workers, an invisible proletariat? Evidences from the French case », Forum Socjologiczne.

Contrepois Sylvie (2014), « La démocratie, une question de genre ? La participation des femmes à la négociation collective », Politiques de communication (PUG), n°2 Printemps 2014.

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Book chapters

Contrepois Sylvie (2016), “The assimilationist model under question” in Marino Stefania, Rinus Penninx, Judith Roosblad, eds (2016), Trade unions, immigration and immigrants in Europe in the 21th century : new approaches under changed conditions, Palgrave, Forthcoming.

Contrepois Sylvie (2016), “L’Européanisation d’un modèle très liberal”, in Andolfatto Dominique, S. Contrepois (eds), Syndicats et dialogue social, les modèles occidentaux à l’épreuve, Peterlang, Forthcoming.

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Papers in international conferences

Contrepois Sylvie, « Quels registres d’action pour les étudiants qui travaillent ? », 14e Journées internationales de sociologie du travail «  Les marges du travail et de l’emploi, formes, enjeux, processus », Lille, 17 au 19 Juin 2014.

Contrepois Sylvie, « Regeneration and class identities. A case study in the Corbeil-Essonnes – Evry region (France)”, International conference “The Deindustrialisation and Its Aftermath: class, culture and Resistance”, Concordia University, May 1-4, 2014 - Montréal, Québec.

Contrepois Sylvie, « Hybridisation of Industrial relation models and Democracy in companies. Some thoughts from research in eight French multinational companies, based in Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria », International Conference, “Central and Eastern Europe: Work, Employment and Societies between Transition and Change”, Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne, 21-22 Novembre 2013.

Contrepois Sylvie, ‘French workers collective direct response to redundancy’, 9th European Congress of International Industrial Relations Association, Copenhagen, 28 June-1 July 2010.

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Contrepois Sylvie, « La représentation sociale à l’épreuve de l’égalité : de nouveaux droits à conquérir ? », Congrès de l’AFS 2006, RTF 24 « Genre, Classe, race. Rapports sociaux et construction de l’altérité », Bordeaux, 5-9 septembre 2006.

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Research reports

Contrepois Sylvie, Steve jefferys, Peter Kerckhof (2016), The concept of representativeness at national level and at european level – Part 1 The concept of representativeness at national level, CAR Representativeness Report, Eurofound.

Contrepois Sylvie and al (2015), Internships, workplacements, volunteering: stages on the road to decent work or to insecurity?, INTERNSTAGE comparative report, London: School of social sciences, August 2015, 64 pages.

Contrepois Sylvie (2015), Internships in France, Literature review and case studies, INTERNSTAGE National report, London: School of social sciences, May 2015, 40 pages.

Contrepois Sylvie (2013), Student workers precariousness in France, survey data and fieldwork analysis, PRECSTUDE national report, London: WLRI, april 2013, 18 pages.

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Other dissemination approach

2012 Exhibition: 'Economic Restructuring and Regional Identities'. A 30-panel (160 x 80) exhibition exploring the evolution of regional, occupational and social class identities in six regions in Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Poland and Turkey that have undergone significant industrial restructuring. This exhibition was based on the work undertaken in the SPHERE research project, was supported by the Regional Council of the Essonne Department and was accompanied by a pedagogic book (70 pages) by Odile Nave. It was translated into English and Spanish. In France (Essonne): 2,500 visitors including 500 school students. In England it is on permanent display in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at London Metropolitan University.

2011 DVD: 'Des industries et des hommes' (FR) and 'Workers and industrial change' (ENGL). A 35- minute documentary in English and French versions analysing industrial restructuring and its effects on class identities in Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Poland and Turkey. This DVD was based on the work undertaken in the SPHERE research project and benefited from support by the Regional Council of the Essonne Department.

2010 Booklet 'Industrial change and urban landscapes. Visiting the Corbeil-Essonnes - Evry region'. A 20-page guide written as part of the SPHERE project, available in French and in English. It retraces the evolution of the urban landscape and the history of the major industries of the region. Five guided tours with about 150 participants were organised between 2010 and 2013 for different organisations - Agglomération d’Evry, Maison de Banlieue et d’Architecture d’Athis-Mons, Conseil général de l’Essonne.

Contact details


* School of social sciences

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