Chief Information Officer

Raghu Vydyanath

Raghu Vydyanath has over 20 years’ global experience in IT and leadership, having led major tech projects across the world. The majority of his career has been in senior management roles, doing a variety of work from consultancy to IT operations, mainly in the commercial sector.  

Despite the pressures of running IT services for a university the size of London Met, Raghu has volunteered for Samaritans and is an active runner and cyclist. 

“If you look at my career path, it’s sort of evenly split between consultancy, product development and IT operations – which is what I do now,” he said. 

“Before I came to London Met, I’d been purely working in the commercial sector. I have helped set up a boutique consultancy, and was a Product Development Director at Oracle, managing teams based in India, the UK and America.”

Raghu’s dedication and expertise in his field led him to achieving outstanding results in his career.

“One of the things I’m very proud of at London Met is what the team have delivered in the last eight years. We have literally reshaped what technology does within this university.”

However, Raghu does not intend to stop there, and wants to build on this success. He has an exciting vision for the University’s digital strategy.

“The vision is to develop and implement a digital service with University staff as key enablers which will be shaped around the needs of students and academics. It is about getting them to connect with us. My job is to develop and deliver a digital strategy that will help us connect with people who are innately used to technology, having been exposed to it from birth. 

“The digital strategy in a nutshell is about how we can engage and connect – as a University – with the next generation.”

When Raghu is not developing London Met’s digital environment, he enjoys spending time with his son and keeping fit amongst a list of therapeutic hobbies.

“I have a young son who is almost three years old now and so I spend much of my time with him. I also run when I can; I ran the Paris marathon last April. I do love to run because you get to clear your head. I have also started cycling on Sundays now.

“I used to be a Samaritan as well, so I used to spend a shift a week with Samaritans, but I had to take a break from that because I have a young son – it can take away the time that I get to spend with him.”

Raghu also follows football, being a keen Chelsea fan, and enjoys watching cricket.

For Raghu it is the passion and commitment of the people at London Met, and their devotion to the mission of the institution that makes London Met a fantastic place to work and study.

“You see a lot of committed and passionate people. You are here because you believe in the University and what it stands for. It’s fascinating coming into a place where there are people who are passionate and committed to the University and its mission.”