Dr Nigel Medhurst, PhD, BSc, PGCTLHE


Dr Nigel Medhurst  

Dr Nigel Medhurst is a senior lecturer in Creative Technologies and Digital Media in the School of Computing and Digital Media. His PhD in Education Research (King's College, University of London, 2009) explored the uses and meanings of multiliteracies in an online community of learners: student responses and practices in an online teaching module. 

Dr Medhurst's research explores students’ use of online communication, collaboration and practice to create meaning in a teaching module run via a collaborative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in order to better understand how multiliteracies are used within these online communities. By formalising and exploring the process students follow when designing and creating multimedia from online texts as a case study, this research enabled an understanding of how students collaborate and communicate in online VLEs, and how multiliteracy practice was created within the community.

Professional memberships

  • Association for Learning Technology and Association for Learning Development in HE
  • He has excellent knowledge of designing, developing, prototyping and managing real-world multimedia, animation and e-learning projects through full RADSE development cycle.
  • He has 12+ years of experience in engineering/computing project management and contract negotiation (including GEC Avionics, Plessey and Computacenter).

Other activities

Dr Nigel Medhurst is responsible for supervising students on third-year design and development project modules and teaching business consultancy, communication, team working and presentation skills at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has excellent practical knowledge and experience of supporting student projects and developing solutions using a wide range of multimedia, modelling, animation software (including Maya, Toon Boom Studio/Harmony and the Adobe Creative Suite). Dr Medhurst is an active participant at university open days and taster sessions for schools. He is an external examiner for Animation and Multimedia Subject Area at University of West of Scotland.

Dr Medhurst is currently Senior Lecturer in Creative Technologies and Digital Media, as well as Course Leader for the Games Modelling, Animation and Effects BSc; a member of the Intelligent Systems Research Centre and PhD supervisor for e-learning and digital media related research studies. 


Dr Medhurst's teaching interests include: computer animation, digital media and arts, multimedia technology, design, film and theatre. He is also responsible for designing and teaching an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate multimedia and computer modelling, animation and VFX-related subjects including:

  • 3D modelling and animation
  • games asset development
  • design techniques and development methods
  • commercial aspects of multimedia
  • designing for interactivity
  • design principles and practice
  • drawing and character design for animation
  • advanced 2D and character animation
  • research and development skills
  • Third year and postgraduate animation and e-learning projects

See the University's Thinkmakeplay website for related content.


Dr Medhurst's research interests include: online learning, multiliteracies, pedagogy, human computer interaction, visual design methodologies and collaborative computer-based learning environments, data visualisation, and Internet of Things. 

  • You can listen to an interview with Dr Medhurst on BBC World Global on realistic humanoid robots and computer graphics.
  • Dr Medhurst is actively involved with the introduction of innovative teaching and learning methods (ie podcasting, vodcasting, bulletin/discussion boards, chatrooms, and other Web 2.0 technologies) into school teaching practice through presentations, seminars/tutorials and briefings.

Select conferences and papers

  • Association for Learning Developing in HE Conference, Leeds (2-4 April, 2012) – Paper presented: Engaging communities through animation: an action research study exploring creative visual practice.
  • Institute of Education – Multimodality and Learning Conference (6/7 July 2010) – Paper presented: Collaborative Online Design: a new approach to understanding student multiliterate practice.
  • London Metropolitan University – School of Computing and Digital Media away day (26 June 2009) – Blended Learning – Video and Audio feedback (plus Second Life).
  • CAL 2009, Brighton – Learning in Digital WorldsAbstract (accepted). Interpret, Deconstruct, Remake: Creating Meaning For Students Through Collaborative Online Design.
  • GLADNET, Thun, Switzerland (2009) – Supporting MSc E-Learning students with Second Life virtual world presentation.
  • London Metropolitan University – Research and Development Forum (2008)Changing (VLE) Rooms: Changing Student Visual Literacy in Online Collaborative Communities.
  • CAL 2007, Dublin – Development, Disruption and DebatePaper presented. Focusing on the visual: creating meaning, knowledge and understanding through visual literacy in online collaborative communities.
  • London Metropolitan University – Learning Technology Exhibition (2005)Microworlds, collaboration and engaging students: a lecturer's reflections on using WebCT.

Room: T10-03, Tower Building

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7133 3680

Email: n.medhurst@londonmet.ac.uk