Nick Gardiner

Academic Group Leader for sports science and sports therapy

Nick Gardiner  

Nick Gardiner holds the following qualifications: BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy; London Metropolitan University, PGCHE; London Metropolitan University and pending: MPhil Sports Rehabilitation; London Metropolitan University.

Nick graduated from London Metropolitan University with a first class degree in Sports Therapy and went on to open his own sports injury clinic in Cambridge. He used his passion for business to grow this practice into three other clinics across Cambridge and London. Nick has provided expert advice to leading insurers regarding injuries to top English Premier League and German Bundesliga players including a FIFA World Cup winner. Nick became a lecturer at London Metropolitan University in 2008 and in 2013 he took on the role of Principal Lecturer and Student Enterprise coordinator for the School of Human Sciences whereby he set up the London Met Future initiative. Nick is now Academic Leader for the Sports Science and Therapy group. He recently contributed electrotherapy sections for two sports injury textbooks and is currently completing his MPhil in Sports Rehabilitation.

Nick will often spend his spare time wakeboarding and also loves to travel specifically for surfing and snowboard trips. Nick also supports Arsenal FC and is an avid England fan.

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