Ming-Wei Ernest Lee

Ming-Wei Ernest Lee  

Senior Lecturer in Psychology; Course Leader of MSc/PGDip Applied Psychology (Graduate Conversion Programme); Chair of Subject Standards Board for Undergraduate Psychology; Diversity Co-ordinator for School of Psychology

BSc, MPhil, PhD, PGCertTLHE

Teaching Interests

BSc Psychology; MSc/PGDip Applied Psychology; University Certificate
in Psychology by Distance Learning

PC4003 Cognitive and Developmental Psychology 1
PC4102DL Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PC4106DL Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
PC5001 Research Design and Data Analysis in Psychology
PC5003 Cognitive and Developmental Psychology 2
PC6P01 Psychology Project
PY7185 Research Methods and Biological Psychology
PY7186 Cognitive and Developmental Psychology (as module leader)
PY7187 Further Research Methods
PY7P91 Dissertation (as module leader)
PY7P93 Further Research Methods and Project (as module leader)

Research Interests

Speech perception; word recognition and production; sentence comprehension and production; comparison of native and non-native language processes; bilingualism and second language learning; language development; individual differences in cognition; quantitative research methods


Lee, M.-W. (2015). Perception of syllable count in neurotypicals varying in autistic traits. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing, Valletta, Malta.

Lee, M.W., & Williams, J.N. (2001). Lexical access in spoken word production by bilinguals: Evidence from the semantic competitor priming paradigm. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 4, 233-248.

Rubio-Fernández, P., Breheny, R., & Lee, M.W. (2003). Context-independent information in concepts: an investigation of the notion of core features. In F. Schmalhofer, R. Young, & G. Katz (Eds), Proceedings of the European Cognitive Science Conference (EuroCogSci) 2003 (pp.277-282). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Lee, M.W. (2004). Another look at the role of empty categories in sentence processing (and grammar). Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 33, 51-73.

Lee, M.W., & Gibbons, J. (2007). Rhythmic alternation and the optional complementiser in English: New evidence of phonological influence on grammatical encoding. Cognition, 105, 446-456.

Dr Ming-Wei Lee

Senior Lecturer in Psychology