Irene Gedalof

Irene Gedalof  


Irene Gedalof is Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for MSc Social Policy and MSc Social Policy and Evaluation. She has taught women’s studies, sociology and social policy at London Metropolitan since 1998.

Her publications and research interests are in the areas of identity, power and female embodiment, the intersections of gender, race and ethnicity in feminist theory, and representations of women in popular culture. Her most recent research has been on questions of home, identity and belonging in relation to representations of migrant women, migrant women’s practices of cultural reproduction, and questions of difference and intersectionality in equality and diversity policy and discourses. She is currently working on a new book-length project exploring the ways that inequalities and social differences are produced in the narratives that underpin current austerity policies in the UK.

Irene supervises research students working on issues of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity and disability, and runs a gender/sexuality research student forum for PhD students from across the university. She is a member of the Feminist Review editorial collective.


  • BA, East Asian Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • MA, Women’s Studies, University of Warwick
  • PhD, Women’s Studies, University of Warwick

Modules taught


  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Social Policy and Society
  • Self and Society
  • Sociological Imagination


  • Equality and Social Difference: Theory and Policy

PhD student supervision

  • Emma Casey, ‘Dreaming of the Jackpot: Motivations and Experiences of Women who Play the National Lottery’, PhD awarded 2004
  • Terese Jonsson, ‘Knowing ‘our’ History: locating ‘race’ in narratives of British Feminism’s Recent Past’, PhD awarded 2015
  • Lucinda Newns, ‘At Home in the Metropole: the Domestic Unhomely in Fictional Narratives of Postcolonial Migration’, PhD awarded 2014, VC Scholarship
  • Yansie Rolston, ‘Investigation into the social and cultural factors affecting understandings of disabled people in Trinidad and Tobago’, PhD awarded 2015
  • Anna Masing, ‘Women’s Migration from Borneo: Identities, Language and Cultural Change’, PhD awarded 2014
  • Aidan McKearney, ‘Identity, Inclusion, Community and Career - a comparative study of gay men in non-metropolitan  areas in England and Ireland’, 2010-present
  • Calogiame Giametta, ‘Hidden Journeys: Individuals Claiming Asylum on the Grounds of their Sexual Orientation in the UK’, PhD awarded 2014, VC Scholarship
  • Chrissy Hunter, ‘Trans Identities and Expressions: Gender Normativity, Resistance, Culture and the Law’, 2011-present, VC Scholarship
  • Nina Sahraoui, ‘Life on the margins - migrant workers in the care sector’ Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher scholarship, 2014-present
  • Dianne Dowling, ‘Narratives of women’s breast cancer experience and the impact on their working lives’, 2013-present, DProf, Working Lives Research Institute


Books and articles

  • ‘Sameness and Difference in Government Equality Talk’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2012, DOI:10.1080/01419870.2011.644310
  • ‘Interruption, Reproduction and Genealogies of “Staying Put” in Diaspora Space’, Feminist Review, 100, 2012, pp.72-87
  • ‘Finding Home in Bend it Like Beckham and Last Resort’, Camera Obscura, 76, 2011, pp.131-157.
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Edited Journals

  • with Yasmin Gunaratnam and Sadie Wearing, ‘Frailty and Debility’Feminist Review, 111, 2015
  • with Avtar Brah and Ioana Szeman, ‘The Politics of Austerity’Feminist Review, 109, 2015.
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Irene Gedalof 

Senior Lecturer, Course Leader, MSc Social Policy