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Gherardo Girardi

Gherardo Girardi  

Gherardo obtained his PhD in economics from the London School of Economics (LSE) and his MA in Education from London Metropolitan University. He worked in investment banking in London for two years, mainly as a convertible bonds analyst. He has lectured at various universities in the UK and abroad. 

Gherardo's teaching and interests lie in industrial economics, economics and ethics, economics and religion, microfinance, attitudes towards climate change and pedagogy.

  • What determines changes in attitude towards global climate change? An application of transformative learning theory, 2016, book chapter in Leal, W. (ed), Climate Change Management, Springer
  • CSR and accounting education in developing countries: the case of India, 2015, with C.Tejura, book chapter in Jamali, D., Karam, C. and Blowfield, M. (ed’s ), CSR in Developing Countries: Towards a Development-Oriented Approach, Greenleaf Publishing 
  • Post-secular reflections on the value of the stakeholder approach in business, 2014, with F. Petito, Global Initiative for the Common Good Journal, 1(1) 
  • Second sourcing with capacity constrained firms and locked in buyers, 2013, International, Journal of the Economics of Business, 20(1) 
  • Using cinema to enhance the relevance of economics to students’ lives, 2013, book chapter in McIntosh, P. and Warren, D. (ed.’s), Creativity in the Classroom: Case Studies in Using the Arts in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Intellect Books, Bristol
  • Helping students select a dissertation topic, 2012, Investigations in University Teaching and Learning, 8 (Summer)
  • Transformative economics education: using proverbs from around the world in the classroom, 2010, Investigations in University Teaching and Learning, 6(2)


Gherardo Girardi 
Senior Lecturer in Economics