Farid Aitsiselmi

Farid Aitsiselmi  

Farid started his career as an English as a Foreign Language and translation tutor in Algeria and went on to work at Bradford University where he was Coordinator of French, and Director of European Languages and European Studies MA. Farid has taught translation modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including London Met's Interpreting MA and Translation MA, where he teaches translation theory and applied translation into French.

Farid has taught on the following modules:

  • Introduction to Intercultural Studies
  • The Translator and Language
  • Theoretical Aspects of Translation

Short courses /Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Translation Summer School
  • Translation Skills and Business English

PhD supervisor and co-supervisor

  • The Role of Translation in Shaping Media and Political Discourses in Times of Conflict: The Syrian “Spring” in Context
  • Contrastive Rhetoric in English and Arabic Editorials: a Discourse Analysis of Repetition

Farid's research interests include intercultural issues related to language and identity with a specific interest in ethnic minority migrants. He has edited a volume entitled Black Blanc Beur: Language and Identity in France and has published a number of articles on the topic.


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Farid Aitsiselmi
Principal Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting
E: f.aitsiselmi@londonmet.ac.uk