David Blundell

David Blundell  

Principal Lecturer and Programme Director for UG and PG Education (non-QTS)

David worked for eight years as a primary school teacher and deputy head and undertook higher level study in Mathematical Education. From 1988 until the summer of 1997 he worked as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education at South Bank University, with teaching and research interests in cultural contexts for teaching and learning mathematics, institutional "greening" and sustainability.

Since leaving South Bank, David has been a full-time child carer, hourly paid lecturer at the Universities of North London and Roehampton Institute, community sport development worker and coordinator of the Cricket Academy at Hackney College.  In 2006 David was appointed to a full time post at London Metropolitan and is currently Principal Lecturer and Programme Director for undergraduate and post-graduate Education (non-QTS); he oversees the BA Education Studies and MA Education courses and developed and led the Foundation Degree in Community Sport Coaching with colleagues at Hackney College until summer 2009.  His teaching and research interests currently lie in childhood and schooling as well as education for sustainable futures.

David has also worked with Gamelab on a JISC funded project to develop a virtual practice environment for players of blind cricket, as well as a Knowledge Connect project with Cricket for Change to develop their Street20 equipment.  With Peter Cunningham he has written and presented a number of recent papers about the development of the Foundation Degree; these seek to establish Community Sport Coaching as a distinct professional practice and situate it within a range of value settings, including Citizenship Education, social pedagogy and service learning.  In 2012 David published “Education and Constructions of Childhood” as part of the Contemporary Issues in Education Studies series for Continuum International.  This explores the construction of modern childhoods through the emergence of “the child” as an Enlightenment ideal and the growth of mass schooling.  He is currently working on a book for the New Childhoods: attitudes in Contemporary Society series entitled “Rethinking Children’s Spaces and Places”; this will be published in Autumn 2015.


BA (Hons) Geography with British Archaeology (Exeter)

PGCE Primary Education (St Luke’s College, Exeter)

MPhil Mathematical Education (Darwin College, Cambridge)

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Modules currently and recently taught: 

SS4031 – Culture, Curriculum and Technics

SS5033 – Working With Children and Young People in Education

SS5034 – Education Policy in Historical and Cultural Contexts

SS6032 – Rethinking Childhood and Children’s Lives in Education and Schooling

SS6P32 – Education Studies Dissertation

ED7125 – Specialist Study Module (level 7)

ED7P39 – Education Dissertation (level 7)

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Books and chapters: 
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David Blundell

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Education Studies