Senior Manager

Christopher Dreyfus

Chris specialises in critical communications, operational command, and leadership development. As a senior police officer Chris has held the posts of Head of the Force Control Room, deputy head of policing on the London Underground and deputy head of the Counter Terrorism Support Unit.

Chris is chairman of the National Police Control Room Managers’ Forum, representing policing interests nationally in the wider critical communications sector and sits on the 999 Liaison Committee, the Government group which oversees the 999 Emergency Call Service. In addition to his policing career, Chris is founding director of Silver and Claret, a consultancy practice specialising in leadership development and research, with a particular focus on the public sector, government and politics.

Chris is also Chairman of Soldier On!, a national independent educational charity in the UK which teaches members of the British armed forces who have been made redundant on medical grounds how to plan and manage their careers. Chris is a graduate of the police service’s High Potential Development Scheme and joined the service after being European project manager for a US-based software company. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and Business Management from the University of Greenwich, a Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic Science from Staffordshire University and a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Westminster.