Press Releases 2011


Alfred Hitchcock's East End in focus (22 November 2011) [pdf]


New counter-terrorism strategies needed: Research findings from London Metropoli(28 October 2011) [pdf]

Leading scholars unravel the causes of the August riots (27 October 2011) [pdf]

Artists 'mark time' at London Met exhibition (17 October 2011) [pdf]

From Lloyds to London Met: New Dean of Business School announced  (11 October 2011) [pdf]


122 hold abdominal plank exercise in World Record bid (30 September 2011) [pdf]

London Met in UK top 20 for boosting student earning (23 September 2011) [pdf]

World Record attempt at London Met (21 September 2011) [pdf]

Affordable fees at London Met (20 September 2011) [pdf]

Probation and social work on trial - violent offenders and child abusers (19 September 2011) [pdf]

The Shape of Things: postgraduate creative exhibition 2011 (13 September 2011) [pdf]

The future of Stop and Search police powers: a conference on 14 September (08 September 2011) [pdf]

How subcultures and pop music affect social change: world first symposium at Lon (5 September 2011) [pdf]


Crowd psychologist and criminologists respond to UK riots (10 August 2011) [pdf]

Hitchcock's childhood explored in East London photo show (3 August 2011) [pdf]


Criminal intelligence analyst and religion expert respond to Norway attacks (26 July 2011) [pdf]

Animator shows the world through the eyes of an OCD mindset (25 July 2011) [pdf]

Cardboard horse sensation set to rock down under (18 July 2011) [pdf]

OFFA approval sets London Met as most affordable university in London (12 July 2011) [pdf]

Lessons not learnt about counter-terrorism and social cohesion as Muslim communi (07 July 2011) [pdf]

From London Met to Massachusetts for Islington pupils (01 July 2011) [pdf]


London Met to host Italian free press event (15 June 2011) [pdf]

Accelerator launches in-house student PR agency (14 June 2011) [pdf]

Religion, peace and violence: controversial debates at London Met (10 June 2011) [pdf]

Mega showcase of art graduate talent (6 June 2011) [pdf]

Top Irish writers lined up for Summer School (3 June 2011) [pdf]

Alasdair MacIntyre to speak at inaugural Aristotelian conference (1 June 2011) [pdf]

BBC documentary identifies ‘key issue’ for the Care Quality Commission (1 June 2011) [pdf]


Out of the turmoil: a new Middle East? (31 May 2011) [pdf]

Council’s plans to charge for playground will widen inequalities (27 May 2011) [pdf]


New directions at London Met (15 April 2011) [pdf]

Countdown is on to Digital Shoreditch Festival (5 April 2011) [pdf]

The latest in sustainable energy to be debated (4 April 2011) [pdf]


London Met wins award from Carbon Trust (23 March 2011) [pdf]

Performing Arts students take Oedipus to the boiler house (18 March 2011) [pdf]

New senior staff appointments at London Met (March) [pdf]

What will government spending cuts mean for human rights? (14 March 2011) [pdf]

How to avoid another financial crisis: New book by Visiting Professor Moorad Cho (8 March 2011) [pdf]

Digital Shoreditch festival to take over East London (2 March 2011) [pdf]