Through the Looking Glass

The exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” is the product of the collaboration with three young curators of the MA course Curating the Contemporary.


Through the Looking Glass (21 March - 13 May 2012)

Through the Looking Glass uses the Wunderkammer at me Collectors Room as an integral part of its display. Wondrous objects, figurines , and anatomical models evoke feelings of the uncanny, revealing that the body is something that can be manipulated and constructed.

Taken as a key concept in this exhibition, the uncanny takes on many shapes and forms in contemporary artworks.

The confrontation with uncanny objects, with alienated or fragmented bodies, can create a shift in the bodily awareness of oneself. This experience of a change in perception stands as a main focus behind Through the Looking Glass.

The exhibition features works by artists including Cindy Sherman, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Gregory Crewdson, Lawrence Weiner, Gregor Schneider, Alistair Mackie, Loretta Lux, Thomas Lerooy, and Ron Mueck.

Curated by Nóra Belovai, Rianne Groen & Marte Elisabeth Paulssen.


Course: MA Curating the Contemporary
Website: Whitechapel Gallery
Website: me Collectors Room Berlin