The Cass: Hands On

The Aram Gallery hosts an exhibition celebrating the enduring legacy of The Cass.

Celebrating the legacy of The Cass

The Aram Gallery hosts an exhibition celebrating the enduring legacy of The Cass as being a part of the creative landscape of east London for over 100 years.

As part of the gallery’s ongoing interest in process, The Cass: Hands On will show new and experimental design at the roots, using this versatile school and its history as the focus.

Work by a range of students, alumni and staff will represent the wide variety of courses on offer including jewellery, silversmithing, furniture upholstery and musical-instrument making. Alongside finished products, the exhibition will also reflect The Cass’s dedication to making within its teaching philosophy. A display of hand tools and a wall of experimental ceramic studies will give a taste of the school’s workshop atmosphere.

The exhibition also anticipates the future of The Cass, with its latest generation of graduating designers included in the mix.

Participating designers include Afsiah Asghar, Adi Toch, Ben Cresswell Riol, Christopher Emmett, Elise Mclaughlan, Isabel Farchy, James Hunting, James Tattersall, Josie Wood, Julian Leedham, Jude Dennis, Juliette Bigley, Lisa Bloomer, Lucy Johnson, Majeda Clarke, Matteo Pacella, Michael Marriott, Narinda Minnaar, Ray Brown, Ray Gonzalez Brown, Richard Clarke, Samantha Ndlovu, Sylvia Weidenbach, Stephen McCoombe, Suchada Sae Khow, Terence Woodgate, Tim Summers, Vicky Cowin and Zoe Robertson.

The exhibition is co-Curated by The Aram Gallery and The Cass.

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Date 5 August – 3 September 2016
Venue The Aram Gallery, 110 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SG

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The Cass: Hands On