Hayes Canal Festival 2016

Cass Projects and Architecture Studio 3 present Cass work at the Hayes Canal Festival

Cass Art, Architecture and Design studios have been working in Hayes for the last four years, proposing and delivering live projects with local partners.

At the Hayes Canal Festival 2016, Cass Projects and Architecture Studio 3 alumni presented a summary of Hayes projects that have been delivered with local partners. These partners have included: Hayes Town Centre Partnership, Hillingdon Play Association, Hillingdon Community Trust, Old Vinyl Factory and YMCA Hayes.

The Cass 2016 alumni presented their proposals for a kayaking hub that were documented in a booklet produced by Cass Projects. This was received with enthusiastic reactions from the local communities. The students who had taken part in kayaking lessons from the local club also helped out with the kayaking sessions provided along the canal.

This year the Architecture studio will work on a site opposite the forthcoming Crossrail station in Hayes town centre. In January 2017, they will run a workshop with previous students to document the previous four years of work in Hayes.

News details

Dates 25 September 2016
Location Grand Union Canal

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