Bone idol

A stool based on human bone structure and designed by MA Product Design Senior Lecturer Assa Ashuach is the latest addition to the Frederick Parker Collection.
Date: 15 July 2014

A stool based on human bone structure and designed by MA Product Design Senior Lecturer Assa Ashuach is the latest addition to the Frederick Parker Collection, which is housed within London Metropolitan University.

First exhibited at London Design Museum in 2013, the shape of the femur stool follows the internal human bone structure and provides support that is optimized to a 120KG – so if the user changes the sitting load, the object form will change to accommodate and adjust performance. This object shaping is driven from the mathematical intelligence of the human bone formation, and was achieved through use of new algorithms, innovative material optimisation techniques and produced with laser sintering. You can watch the video on Youtube.

The Frederick Parker Foundation is a registered charity whose aim is to maintain a collection of chairs for students to study at close hand their history, development, design, construction and restoration. The Foundation seeks to promote and encourage the study of furniture history and in particular the design and development of British chairs. There are 193 chairs in the Collection and 140 on view; the chairs illustrated below are a selection of what can be seen. 

Studio Ashuach has also recently opened an innovative fully interactive 3D co-design experience on his website called 3D play.

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Collection frederick-parker-foundation


Femur Stool


Femur Stool

Sitting Experiments

Femur Stool

3D Render

Femur Stool

Process Rendering

Femur Stool

Modelling Bad Geometry

Femur Stool

Final Object Form

Femur Stool

Geometry Optimisation

Femur Stool

Sitting Experiments

Femur Stool

Process Rendering

Femur Stool

Geometry Optimisation

Femur Stool

Sitting Experiments

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