Information and advice for offer holders  

Responding to your offer

When you receive an offer from us we would be grateful if you could indicate if you wish to accept or decline your study offer by using the applicant portalwith the log in details already issued to you. Please note that UCAS applicants should continue to use UCAS Track website to accept their offers.

PLEASE NOTE: London Metropolitan University is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and therefore the main method of communication will be via email. It is therefore essential that you ensure we have your most up-to-date email address at all times. Please amend your email filter settings to ensure that London Met emails are not automatically filtered into your junk folder. You can amend your contact details via the applicant portal or by calling the Admissions Office on 020 7133 4207.

The applicant portal

The applicant portal has been created for you to easily track the progress of your application. If you already have your login details you can login HERE. You can use the applicant portal to:

- Update your personal and contact information,
- View your application progress,
- View any correspondence you have been sent from the University,
- Provide/upload relevant documentation with your application,
- Log in to the Immigration Portal to request your CAS (when made available to you).

Login to the applicant portal

Use the tabs above to find out more about the next steps when you receive an offer from us.

Conditional offers

If you receive a conditional offer this means there are some conditions for you to meet before your place on the course if confirmed. Common conditions can include achieving or confirming stipulated grades on completed or pending qualifications, or obtaining confirmation of English Language ability (test).

The details of this process are explained in your conditional offer, along with your specified conditions, and you must meet all conditions before we can progress your application further. You can view this information in the applicant portal.

If you have been made a conditional offer that you have accepted or intend to accept, the next step for you is to meet the conditions of that offer and inform us that you have done so. You should follow the guidance below to ensure you confirm to us the information we need, in the correct way.

Meeting your conditions and uploading documents correctly

Your documents should be uploaded in PDF or JPEG Format only within a maximum size limit of 2MB each. We will be notified when you upload your documents and we will progress your applicant record accordingly. When uploading documents to applicant portal, you should follow the below advice;

Academic Qualification(s) (Offical Transcripts and Certificates)

  • Important - Any Certificates or transcripts issued to you that are not in English must be provided with an additional official certified translation into English . Please note that a certified translation of your academic qualification(s) will also be required for your visa application if you need one.

English language test result (if requested)

  • Academic IELTS - Provide a scanned copy of the official certificate issued to you. 
  • Pearson PTE Academic - Please release your score to us by following the advice: Release PTE scores to LondonMet

What happens next…

When you have met ALL of the conditions of your conditional offer we will contact you and confirm your offer to you. When your study offer is unconditional you will be asked to undertake a number of tasks relating to obtaining a Student visa (if you need one).

Please see the next tab: Unconditional offers.

Unconditional offers

If you receive an unconditional offer, this means that you have met all Academic and English langauge qualifications, and any other conditions for entry to the course offered. We may occasionally offer you a different course to which you applied for if you are not suitable for any reason, and we will usually tell you this in the communication about your offer.

We will contact you with an unconditional offer when you have met our Academic and English Language entry requirements, along with any other elements of condition we stipulate in our communication with you. 

What Happens Next....

If you require a Tier 4 student Visa to study in the UK, once you have an Unconditional Offer, you will receive information about obtaining a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from us. This information will include a request for the payment of a mandatory deposit of 50% of your Tuition fee for the Academic year, or a 100% payment of the fee if your course is less than 6 months in duration.

When we receive your deposit payment, we will prepare your Confirmation for Acceptance for Studies (CAS). At this point, we will require you to confirm your passport details, your finances for study in the UK and other relevant details. Please do not provide information until it is requested. 

Obtaining a CAS

The CAS process will not begin until three months before the start of of your course, but we recommend that you become familiar with the rules and regulations about applying for a UK Tier 4 (General) Student Visa as soon as possible. For further information about the process please see our CAS pages.

You will also receive further information about the start of your course and your course enrolment, usually two months before your course is due to start.

Deadlines and deferral requests

You can find out the deadlines for providing information to us for each stage of your application HERE. You should aim to meet these deadlines as soon as possible.

If you find that you are unable to meet the conditions of your offer in the times specified you can request a deferral of your offer by writing to us. We will consider your application for the next available intake for the course where possible and confirm to you in writing the progress of your request. Please see the contact details in the contact us tab.

Please note: Clearing offers and UCAS conditional offers cannot be deferred. 

Your responsibilities


1. You must meet all of your offer conditions and fulfil any other requirements as stated in your offer within the time frame specified. UCAS applicants should check UCAS site for upcoming deadlines, failure to do so could lead to your place being offered to someone else.

2. You must accept your offer with the time specified by UCAS.

3. You must ensure that we have a valid email address for the University to contact you about your application and enrolment. You should regularly check your applicant information in the applicant portal to keep your details up to date.

4. London Metropolitan University encourages applications from students with disabilities. Applicants are encouraged to contact our Disabilities and Dyslexia Service for more information on support available to them.

5. All offers are subject to you providing original certificates of the qualifications upon which your offer has been based, in person at enrolment. If you do not have these original documents you must bring certified replacements to your enrolment. Failure to provide official documentation or production of fraudulent qualifications will result in your offer being withdrawn.

6. You are required to ensure that you have secured funds to pay your tuition fees at the point of enrolment. For confirmation of your fees read our fee payment policy.

Course fee, timetable, and calendar information 



When will I get my timetable?

The International Admissions Office does not issue timetables. Official timetables are not available until the beginning of each semester. However, provisional timetable information can be found on our course structure pages.



How much is my tuition fee?

We have listed the tuition fee for the first year of your course at the top of your offer letter. The tuition fee for an undergraduate course remains the same for the duration of your course. You can find the current fee from the course page of your chosen course from our course listing webpages.


Am I entitled to any discounts on my course fee?

You can find information relating to tuition fee discounts in our fee reductions and bursaries section of the website.


Where can I find out about scholarships?

Our scholarships webpages contain information about how and when to apply for a scholarship.


When can I pay my tuition fees?

Once you have accepted your Unconditional Offer, we will provide instructions about fee payment. We will require minimum deposit payment of 50% of your first year undergraduate course fee or 50% of the postgraduate course fee if you require a student visa prior to your course enrolment. The remainder must be paid by the 31st of December. You can find information on how to pay for your course in our fees and funding section.


I am sponsored, do I still need to pay a deposit?

If you're going to be sponsored for your study by a recognised government body you will not need to pay a deposit towards your tuition fees. However, you will need to provide an official letter of sponsorship clearly detailing the sponsorship arrangement. Our finance department will need to authorise any offical documentation. 


What are the term dates?

You'll find this information in our academic term dates webpages.


Questions about your immigration and joining your course


When will I receive more information about applying for my student visa?

You will receive more information on immigration once you have accepted an Unconditional Offer. The process of applying for a visa usually begins in late June. At this point, we will send you instructions and information about your next steps. You can check the details of the process on the following page: The CAS Application Process


I have previously studied in the UK, do I need to provide this information?

If you require a student visa we will ask you to provide an immigration and academic history for any previous study in the UK. If you have not declared any previous UK study on your application it is imperative you contact us to do so at the earliest opportunity.


Am I required to provide a copy of my passport?

We will ask you to provide your passport details and a copy of your passport in due course. You do not need to supply this information until it is requested.


When will I know more about joining my course?

We will communicate with you as we get closer to the start of your course. We issue course specific joining information at least one month before the start of your course.


What accommodation options are available?

We have a portfolio of over 30 privately run halls of residence and other accommodation options. Check out our comparison and availability pages below to give you an idea of price, facilities and location. Further details can be found on our Accommodation Bureau website.

Questions about your application/offer


How do you make a decision?

Applicants are evaluated on a range of qualities that include academic qualifications, work experience, written personal statement, and references. These decisions are taken by admissions officers in conjunction with tutors, and are based on the agreed requirements for entry to each course. Refer to our prospectus or on-line course database for details of entry requirements. London Metropolitan University is committed to Equal Opportunities and non-discrimination.



What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

If your application is unsuccessful it will not be without due consideration. We will provide details of the reason why your application was unsuccessful. In some cases, we may suggest an alternative course that may be a more appropriate to an applicant’s qualifications.



I have an Unconditional Offer, what does this mean?

This means that you have met our academic and English language requirements and you do not need to meet any other conditions. We will write to you in due course about the next steps. If you need a Tier 4 student visa please read the information on The CAS Application Process.


I have a Conditional Offer, what does this mean?

This means that you need to provide evidence that you meet our academic and/or English language requirements, along with any other elements stipulated in our offer communication to you, such as; successful completion of a course of study, meeting our English language requirements, receipt of satisfactory references, confirmation of results from previous study. All of your conditions must be met before you can progress your application further. Once you have met your conditions you should upload exam results via the applicant portal. If all conditions have been met - you will then become unconditional. Please always refer to the offer email we have sent to you to find out what you need to do and how.


I have been offered a course for which I did not apply, why?

If you are unqualified or have an unsuitable academic background for the course you orginally applied for we may offer you an alternative. The University also reviews its course portfolio periodically. In some instances we may have either reviewed a course title and/or content, or discontinued a course that was previously offered if there was insufficient demand for the course in question. In such cases, it is our practice to offer a course with a revised title or offer a suitable alternative course. When this happens we will tell you, and ask you to reconfirm your place on the course offered to you in the applicant portal. 


How can I accept my offer?

If you have not applied through UCAS, you should accept your offer via our applicant portal and you should do this as soon as you are sure you wish to do so. If you do not accept your place there is a risk it may be offered to someone else. Once you have done so, we will be able to provide you with further detail and information. All offers made through UCAS must be accpeted through UCAS Track, you can log in HERE.


How can I demonstrate that I have met the conditions set out in my offer letter?

You can demonstrate that you have met the conditions of your offer by uploading the qualifications listed on your offer letter to our applicant portal. You do not need to provide qualifications that are not listed in the conditions of your study offer.


When do I have to meet the conditions of my offer?

You should meet your conditions as soon as you are able to. We have deadlines that you must meet in order to move your application to the next stage and to ensure you can join your course in time. Please see: Dates and Deadlines for International Students.

Questions about English requirements


Why have I been asked to provide IELTS or PTE in order to meet the conditions of my study offer?

The University has reviewed its English language requirements and requires a UKBA Secure English Language Test (SELT) from all applicants that are not nationals of a country designated as a Majority English Speaking Country by the UKBA. See more information about English language requirements HERE.


Am I exempt from providing an IELTS or PTE (or other SELT listed on the English language requirements listed above)?

Those who have previously completed a qualification equivalent to a UK degree which was taught in English in a Majority English Speaking Country (as designated by the UKBA) including the UK, are exempt. For further information click HERE.

Those who are nationals of Majority English Speaking Countries (as designated by the UKBA) are exempt (Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States of America.


I have completed a UK degree in another country (outside the UK), am I exempt from meeting the English Language requirements listed above?

You will require an IELTS, PTE, or other SELT listed above if you have completed a UK degree that was studied another country (outside the UK). Please see our English language pages HERE.


What English language tests does London Met accept?

We only accept UK Home Office approved Secured English Language Test (SELT) qualifications for the purposes of admission for non-EU international students who require a Student Visa to remain and study in the UK. This is to adhere to the requirements of the Home Office Tier 4 Visa application process and the University's admission policy.

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