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Applying to us online

If you are applying as an applicant from outside of the UK/EU or you are applying for a postgraduate or part time course, you can use our online application system to submit an application, however please see the table of exceptions below.

Please note that UK/EU applicants applying for full time September starting Undergraduate course must apply in UCAS.


How to apply online

To enter the online application system you must first find your course of interest using the website course listing, and then use the Apply for part-time or Apply online button. You will then be taken to the online application portal and prompted to create a new user accountWe recommend you use your personal email address as your online application account username.

If you have previously applied to us you must log into the system using your previously registered details. Please contact if you cannot remember your user details or are having problems logging in.

Please refer to each of the tabs provided above to ensure you complete all of the relevant areas of the application correctly.


Online application exceptions

Please note the following courses cannot be applied for using our online application system:



Required application method

All Full time Undergraduate courses (September start) UK/EU UCAS
All Social Work courses (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) ALL Applicants UCAS
All teacher training courses (PGCE) ALL Applicants UCAS Teacher Training
CPE and LPC ALL Applicants LAWCABS
Research degrees ALL Applicants Contact the research office 
All English training courses (pre-sessional) ALL Applicants English course application form


Personal Details

It is very important that you take care when entering all of your personal and application details into the application correctly, as the information you provide becomes the basis of your student record. 

Emails and contact details

Please ensure that you include your own personal "home" email address, even if you are applying through an agent. Our primary medium of communication is via email, and it is therefore important that you keep us up to date of any changes to your email/contact details. We recommend you monitor your junk mail folder(s) for any incorrectly categorised ‘junk’ emails from the university.

Residence & Nationality

In order to assess your fee status and immigration requirements you are provided with a list of questions to confirm your residencial status. Please ensure you accurately complete these areas so that the information you provide is up to date.

You will be asked to confirm the following information;

  • Your country of birth
  • The nationality of the passport do you hold
  • Your second/dual nationality if you have one
  • Where you currently live
  • The date of your entry into the EU/EEA (if resident outside of the EU/EEA during the 3 year period leading to the 1st day of the month of entry to your chosen course).


This is an additional section of the application form which will only appear for those who have indicated they are of Non EU/Non EEA nationality. This gives applicants the opportunity to provide their passport document details and provide and confirm their immigration circumstances and needs (student Visa/other immigration permissions).

You will be required to provide the following information;

  • Do you require a Tier 4 Student Visa in order to enter and study in the UK?
  • Have you previously studied in the UK?
  • Are you currently residing in the UK?

Please note that it is advisible to have copies of your passport and any immigration permissions ready to upload in the final section of the application.

Education and Qualifications

In this section you must provide a full education history from your secondary school up to your most recent studies. International students must include all study previously undertaken in the UK, without exception.


Entering qualifications

You should enter you qualifications clearly and refer to the certificates/transcripts you have been issued for all names, dates and grades of qualifications. Your education records should be entered starting with the most recently completed courses. 

Please note that you can provide up to a maixmum of six qualification records and add each one in sequence by selecting to "add another qualification". 


Applying for entry with University Credit 

You can confirm to us if you are applying for admission with previously completed University or College credits for advanced entry, or module credit/exemption, onto an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

You will need to provide transcripts of your previous study in order for us to assess your eligibility when you are prompted to upload documents at the end of the application. Any documents must be official transcripts (in English) containing the scores/grades for each individual module/subject.


English Language

To assess your English language ability we will ask you to provide details of an English language qualification, if you have one. If you do not currently hold an qualification 

Please ensure you provide a scanned electronic copy of all qualifications listed on your application. 

Employment Details

Work experience can often be the difference between an application being successful or unsuccessful and it is important to carefully summarise your previous work experience, especially if it is related to the course you are applying for. Some courses have a minimum work experience requirement and so it is important you check the course listing for this kind of information and correctly annotate this your experience.

We will ask you for the follow information;

  • Name of employer
  • Title of role
  • Type of employement
  • From Date (dd/mmm/yyyy)
  • To Date (dd/mmm/yyyy)
  • Company Address
  •  Brief Description of Role and Responsibilities

There is also an opportunity to provide referee details, see "Reference Request"

Personal Statement

Before completing your personal statement, we recommend that you briefly review any specific requirements for your course. Your personal statement is used to assess your suitability for the course for which you have applied. Your statement should be a maximum of 1500 words and include the following information:

  • Why you are applying for the course
  • Demonstrate your interest and suitability for the course
  • Outline what you hope to achieve by studying the course
  • Outline how this course is relevant to your future career or personal development objectives
  • Set out how your academic or work related knowledge, skills and positions of responsibility that you have gained through your education and/or paid or unpaid work are relevant to your selected course
  • Any additional information that you feel is relevant to your application

Please note that your use of English, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and structure will be considered in determining your suitability for the course for which you have applied. We suggest you draft and save your personal statement before copying and pasting it in to the box provided in the application form.

Other Information


Criminal Convictions

It is important you disclose information about any unspent criminal convictions on your application. We will ask for full details when your application has been submitted, but we encourage you to provide an outline of the details of any convictions to your application including; your offence, your conviction, the dates and court convicted at.


Previous Study At London Metropolitan University

If you have previously studied at London Met it is important you confirm this to us so that we can ensure your new application is connected to your previous LondonMet student record. Please provide your London Met ID or contact the admissions office if you have forgotten your old ID number.

Reference Request

You should aim to provide one academic and one professional reference/referee when completing this section. The referees should be able to comment on your suitability for the course for which you have applied and should be someone that knows you in the capacity of a teacher (secondary/high school), lecturer (university or college) or employer (line Manager, supervisor). References from family members are not acceptable.

We will contact your referees using the email addresses you have provided, they will be asked to provide a reference directly to us. Instructions on doing this will be issued to your referees when you have completed and submitted your application.

You will be asked for the details of two referees, including; 

  • Name of referee
  • Job title/Occupation
  • Institution/Company/Organisation Name
  • Address
  • Post code
  • Tel/Mobile
  • Email
  • How do they know you?

If you already have written references you should provide these by uploading them at the end of the application, see "Upload documents" you do not need to complete this section with the same information, so long as the contact details of the referee is listed in each reference provided.

Application Declaration

This section must be completed to confirm who has submitted the application, and that all the information that has been provided is correct. If you have submitted the application then you should confirm this by selecting the "Applicant" option.

You will then be taken to the document upload section, where you can formally submit your application.

Before proceeding please ensure that all fields have been completed. You can save your progress at any time and return to complete your application, however, once you have submitted your application there will be no further opportunity to make any further adjustments or additions.

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