Shannon Dempsey's tips and advice on King's Cross

A guide to King's Cross

Shannon studied abroad at London Met for a year and stayed in Nido Accommodation (now Chapter Living) during this time. Shannon has written a King's Cross area guide which she hopes will be useful for future students who choose to study either a semester or a full year with London Met.

Please use the map above for reference.

King’s Cross area guide key:

1. Nido King’s Cross South Tower*

  • double and single rooms 
  • café 
  • fitness centre 
  • recreation area
  • screening room 

Outside of Nido: 

  • bike shop 
  • cafe 

2. Nido King’s Cross North Tower*

All single rooms

3. Tesco – groceries

Hint: If you use your debit card, the cashier must swipe it for you, as their debit card machines only read cards that have a chip in them, which American cards do not. They may not believe you at first and insist that you swipe it, but after one or two attempts, they will swipe it. Also, asking for “cashback” does not work with an American card for some reason. It will just make you spend another ten minutes in line as the cashier tries to figure out why it's not working and then calls in his co-workers. Just use an ATM (cashpoint) – it will be easier in the long run.

4. Food places and convenience stores

There are loads of quick takeaways in the area, and some restaurants close by. Also useful: 

  • Internet café – use the internet, print papers, etc. 
  • two little convenience stores – quick snacks, drinks, etc. 

5. More places to eat:

  • McDonald's 
  • Starbucks 
  • if you go down the little street next to the Starbucks, there is a Spanish restaurant called El Camino  
  • sandwich places/bakeries 

6. King's Cross train station and King's Cross/St. Pancras tube station

At the train station:

  • Boots Pharmacy 
  • WH Smith – books, water, snacks 
  • Delice de France – baguettes, other sandwiches 
  • A Bagel Place 
  • A small Marks and Spencer – quick groceries, not too big 
  • West Cornwall Pasty Shop – very good pasties (similar to the HotPocket concept, but much older – pastry flake crusts filled with meat and/or vegetables) 
  • Other various restaurants, news shops, etc. 
  • Platform 9¾, for all you Harry Potter fans!
  • Currency Exchange
  • ATMs 

At the tube station:

  • ATMs 
  • Oyster Top-Up stations 
  • Tube lines: Piccadilly (North Campus), Victoria, Northern, Metropolitan (City Campus), Hammersmith and City (City Campus), Circle 
  • connection to St. Pancras International station  

7. St. Pancras International station

  • home to the Eurostar 
  • Various cafes, restaurants, newstands, etc.  

8. British Library

  • cafe 
  • internet (you have to pay for it though) 
  • lectures and seminars  

9. The Rocket 

The Rocket is a great little pub offering a broad range of speciality beers and ciders, a regular line-up of live entertainment and a menu of classic pub-food favourites.

10. The Long Hope – Bar 

11. Safestore 

Safestore is a storage facility and offers student discounts which is very handy if you plan to travel before coming home, after moving out of your student accommodation, and don't want to take all of your stuff with you while travelling.

12. Chapel Market Street

  • a lot of little cafes, a grocery store, pound stores, little shops 
  • produce market during the day, also sells a lot of odds and ends such as sheets, hats, bags, jewellery, etc. 
  • Indian Veg – I highly recommend eating here, even if you are not a vegetarian! Great food and friendly staff! All-you-can-eat buffet for £4.50, plus whatever you pay for a drink – great deal. 

13. Marks and Spencer 

Grocery store, also sells clothing on second floor.

14. The Carphone Warehouse

Cell phones and sim cards.

15. Shops at Angel

  • Gap 
  • Odeon Cinemas 
  • Next (Fashion) 
  • Restaurants  
  • Other shops  

16. Travelodge 

If your family and friends visit you during your study abroad, the Travelodge is a cheap, nice hotel close to the student accommodation. Breakfast not included in room.

17. Ashlee House 

Ashlee House is a decent hostel in the King's Cross area, not far from the student rooms I stayed in. Breakfast and linens included. Oddly enough, I recommend the 16-person room over the 4-person room (entirely too cramped). Free wireless is available but if you want to use their computers there is a fee.

Also, not on map but I forgot to mention:
Across Euston Road from King’s Cross station is a take-away or sit-in place called Chop Chop with really good noodle and rice dishes. Fairly cheap about £4.50 or so an item.

*Please note: these accommodation details may have changed since Shannon's blog: see Chapter Living for newest information.