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The School of Social Sciences is a vibrant academic community encompassing the disciplines of criminology, sociology and education studies. Our aim is to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of social science as a tool for affecting change in society.

Using the School as a forum for academic debate, students have the opportunity to discuss important concepts within philosophy, history, women’s studies, and anthropology. Most importantly, students are encouraged to develop their critical awareness and to shape and challenge the social forces involved in contemporary society.

The School has a number of prolific interdisciplinary researchers contributing to real-world issues on a local, national and global scale. An understanding of the relationship between wider social processes and the individual guides our approach to research. As a result, the School produces work that connects with many aspects of the lives and experiences of our students.

We are proud that our teaching and research, and especially the production of knowledgeable graduates, informs and contributes to public debate about the issues that are important to people today.

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