Specialist facilities

Science Centre

The Science Centre, based at our Holloway hub in north London, provides excellent facilities including:

The superlab

With 280 workstations available to use, students working in the superlab have their own bench space equipped with computer and headphones which enables them to receive guidance as they carry out experiments. There are 12 teaching terminals so that multiple classes can take place simultaneously.

Forensics lab

Forensic science students benefit from our unique forensic facilities. There are washable walls in the lab; useful for carrying out exercises in blood pattern analysis; specialist equipment such as a superglue fuming cabinet; and an ESDA machine (Electrostatic Vacuum Box).

Environmental chamber

In our environmental chamber, both the humidity and temperature can be controlled to enable students and staff to measure the physiological and performance responses to exercising at various intensities, and the impact of drinking different types of fluid during the activity.

Sports Therapy Clinic and Fitness Assessment Service

Our Sports Injuries Clinic is open to students, University staff and the general public and provides many possibilities for studying the health of the local community. This benefits participants and also enables us to gather data for teaching and research purposes. Our fully operational clinic offers a clean spacious environment for treatments as well as a fully equipped rehabilitation room. 

We also offer a Fitness Assessment Service to help you to double your training efforts – whether you’re a cyclist, runner, swimmer or rower. We’ll measure your VO2max to determine the intensity of training you need and can provide personalised reports on what your test results mean.  

Nutritional physiology and food technology labs

Sports and nutrition students will be able to study the physiological effects of exercise, collect data for extended analyses and investigate the inter-relationships between exercise, health and nutrition in our specialist nutritional physiology and food technology labs. Students are able to access specialist equipment including a Cybex machine, Bod Pod, Tanita body scanner and a DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) bone densitometer.