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The inter-school University research centre epitomizes London Met's interdisciplinary culture. Informatics is an interdisciplinary and complex area of study by integrating technology-centred and human-centred approaches from the perspective of information system science. With research funding from EC, KTP, etc and lead by Professor Dr Yong Xue, the Informatics Research Centre (IRC) consists of 12 research staff and conducts research into:

  • Fundamental research questions, both in theoretical and practical aspects of Data Science, related to processing, mapping, codifying, extracting, and utilising various forms of knowledge and information in firms and organisations.

  • Developing innovative methods, models and tools for the extraction of information and knowledge from Big Data, management of Intellectual Capital (IC), innovation and learning capability to help UK enterprises sustain their core knowledge-based competencies and competitiveness advantage in the knowledge economy.

The IRC members have extensive research experiences in knowledge management, bioinformatics, databases, environment informatics, semantic web, data warehousing and data mining, neural networks, Grid semantics, e-Science and cyber security, mobile learning objects and e-Learning, blended learning, multi-literacies and pedagogy, e-Health, e-security, HCI and mobile technologies.

These experiences have been acquired through PhD supervisions and funded research project, which are disseminated through hundreds of publications in peer reviewed international conferences and well-known journals.

Further information:

Professor Dr Yong Xue
Director of the Informatics Research Centre

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing,
London Metropolitan University,
166-220 Holloway Rd,
London N7 8DB, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7133 4385

  • Dr Jianming Cai – Senior Lecturer in Computer Sciences
    Research interests: digital forensics, information security, and IT security management
  • Dr Yanguo Jing – Associate Professor in Computer Sciences
    Research interests: mobile and internet technology, mobile learning, web design, intelligent user interface agents, multi-agent systems and user modelling
  • Professor Hassan Kazemian – Professor
    Research interests: artificial intelligence, mobile computing
  • Dr Romas Mikusauskas – Senior Lecturer in Animation and Computer Graphics, Information Systems
    Research interests: 3D modelling, animation and computer graphics, CAD/CAM, information systems analysis and design, software engineering, project management
  • Professor Karim Ouazzane – Professor of Computing and Knowledge Exchange
    Research interests: neural network, artificial intelligence
  • Professor Dominic Palmer-Brown – Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
    Research interests: neural network approaches to data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing, cognitive science and user modelling, virtual learning environments and the modal learning approach to neural computing
  • Dr Peiyuan Pan – Senior Lecturer in Computer Sciences
    Research interests: software system development; web-based applications, application of artificial intelligence technologies, embedded systems development. e-manufacturing and global manufacturing systems
  • Dr Sahithi Siva – Academic Leader
    Research interests: human–computer interaction (HCI), user-centred design, usability engineering, e-literacy, knowledge management, semantic web, e-commerce/m-commerce, cloud computing
  • Dr Vassil Vassilev – Senior Lecturer
    Research interests: semantic web, intelligent technologies, web services, system integration, distributed systems
  • Dr Tingkai Wang – Senior Lecturer
    Research interests: mobile robots, intelligent systems, artificial intelligence (AI), control system (including neuro-control and expert control), image and signal processing, system modelling and simulation, virtual reality, knowledge and data engineering etc
  • Dr. Kenneth White – Reader in Applied Biology
    Research Interests: bioinformatics.
  • Professor Yong Xue – Reader in Computation
    Research Interests: middleware development for geocomputation on spatial information grid, aerosol, Earth surface energy exchange, Digital Earth, high spatial resolution remote sensing image processing and telegeoprocessing
  • Dr Qicheng Yu – Senior Lecturer
    Research interests: data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence, web mining and search, database applications development, web applications development, computer games development

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The IRC built extensive research experience following their involvement in a large number of funded projects by the EU, ESA, Teaching Company Schemes, Knowledge Transfer Partnership and private companies.

Current funded Projects:

  • mWorld: Producing interactive mobile apps to support work placement and Work related learning students, (PI: Dr. Yanguo Jing), 2013, £2000, University Teaching Fellow grant.
  • EC/FP-7 Collaborative Project: Monitoring and Assessment of Regional air quality in China using space Observations, Project Of Long-term sino-european co-Operation (“MarcoPolo”). 2014 – 2016, 10K Euros (Co-PI: Dr. Yong Xue)
  • ESA – NRSCC Dragon Cooperation Programme: Non-linear dynamics of the remotely-sensed atmospheric data and modelling; Implications to Climate & Earth system science; Case studies for Athens (Greece) and Beijing (China) (Co-PI: Dr. Yong Xue, 2012 – 2016)
  • ESA – NRSCC Dragon Cooperation Programme: Air quality Monitoring and Forecasting in China (Co-PI: Dr. Yong Xue, 2012 – 2016)

Completed Research Projects:

  • eRaUI: e-Research Adaptive User Interface - Strand C, £38,500, funded by JISC, 2011, (Co-investigator: Dr. Yanguo Jing).
  • The development of an iPhone app for "Classical Music", a WOW agency project, £5,400, 2010, (PI: Dr. Yanguo Jing)
  • Knowledge Connect Project, An embedded video training platform for the "Good Vibes" gym, £10,000, 2009, (PI: Dr. Yanguo Jing)
  • Knowledge Connect Project, Code K0406, Project name: CAL2CAL, £10,000, 2009, (Co-investigator: Dr. Yanguo Jing)
  • Knowledge Connect project, "Development of a Software training strategy" for Sprintware, funded by London Development Agency, £8,000, 2007, (PI: Dr. Yanguo Jing)
  • Low Lying Water Bodies And Wetland Monitoring Exploiting In Situ Data And Earth Observation Imagery, In Terms Of Quality, Biodiversity Dynamic Trends And Risk Management (Co-PI: Dr. Yong Xue, 2008 – 2011, ESA – NRSCC Dragon Cooperation Programme)

Current PhD students and Research Topics:

  • Khurram Majeed, “Investigation Leading To Behaviour-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Devices”
    Supervision team: Dr. Yanguo Jing

  • Cesar Peluso, “A Study on the Impact and Implications of  User Behaviour on Online Information Retrieval”
    Supervision team: Dr. Yanguo Jing

  • Cosmas Abong Fonche, “The Influence of Simulation in the Design and Development of Industries and Products”
    Supervision team: Dr. Yanguo Jing

  • Carl Smith, “Investigate methods for designing augmented contexts for leaning that support and scaffold architectural understanding using mixed reality environments”
    Supervision team: Dr. Yanguo Jing

  • Mr. Hassan Abdella "Development of new Algorithms for Query optimisation for Distributed Data warhouses"
    Supervision team: Dr Fang Fang Cai and Dr Sahiti Siva

  • Mr. Syed Faizan Hussain Zaidi "Developing a Disease-Treatment Ontology"
    Supervisors: Dr. Sahiti Siva and Dr. Vassil Vassilev

  • Mr. Gaga Thomas Ali "Developing a framework and methods for the development of knowledge management systems: A case study of Nigeria Postal Service"
    Supervisors: Dr. Romas Mikusauskas and Dr. Preeti Patel

Completed PhD Students and Research Topics:

  • Dr. Wondimagegn MALLEDE, 2013, “Mapping Relational Databases to Semantic Web using Domain-Specific Knowledge”
    Supervision team: Professor Farhi Marir (Director of Study), Dr Vassil Vassilev (Lead Supervisor) and Dr Yanguo Jing.

  • Dr. Mei Qi, 2009, “Culture Impacts on Learning Objects Design and Evaluation”
    Supervisor team: Prof T Boyle, Dr. Xue Yong

  • Dr. Kamel Zerzour, 2005, “Development of a dynamic object model for indexing and retrieving video images”
    Supervision team: Professor Farhi Marir and Dr Xue Yong

  • Dr Hassan Ismail "Design of algorithms for Physical Data Warehouse Design to Speed up Decision-making Processes"
    Supervision team: Professor Farhi Marir and Dr Fang Fang Cai

  • Dr. Jun Li, “Noisy Language Modeling Framework Using Neural Network Techniques”
    Supervision team: Dr. Yanguo Jing

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