Photoshop CS6 Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

The Adobe Photoshop ACA short course is designed to prepare you for the ACA exam in Photoshop. The course content is broken into two parts: on the Monday and Tuesday is the beginners course, and on the Wednesday to Friday is the intermediate course, including the ACA Exam taken on the Friday. Taken together, both parts of the course cover the whole ACA syllabus. Those who decide to take the intermediate course are expected to have a good working knowledge of the basics of Photoshop. The course includes lectures, tutorials and workshops, which cover every aspect of Photoshop relevant to the ACA exam. The course runs at our Holloway Road Tech Tower Building from 10am till 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break.

This course will also run as a part time course for 1 evening a week from 6-8.30pm over 10 weeks.

Course Objectives

  • On this course you will cover the ACA syllabus that will prepare you for the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Professional ACA Exam.


  • Setting Project Requirements
    • Understand the users and audiences needs with regards to images
    • Understand copyright issues regarding images and their use
    • Understand project management issues and responsibilities
    • Communicating with others about designs

  • Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images
    • Understand image resolution, image size, and image file format for web, video, and print
    • Understand design principles, elements, and image composition
    • Understand typography, colour correction

  • Understanding Adobe Photoshop
    • Understanding the user interface and functions, layers and masks.
    • Understand importing, exporting, organizing, and saving.
    • Learn how to produce and reuse images.
    • Understand color management workflow.

  • Manipulating Images using Adobe Photoshop
    • Working with selections and measurement
    • Use guides and rulers
    • Transforming images
    • Adjust and correct the tonal range of an image
    • Understand retouching and blending of images
    • Understand type and filters.

  • Publishing Digital Images using Adobe Photoshop
    • Preparing images for use in web, print, and video


  • Adobe Certified Associate (on successful completion of the official ACA exam)

Minimum Knowledge Prerequisite

  • Beginners: None
  • Intermediate: Must demonstrate a basic working knowledge of Photoshop.