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Tuition fees

Tuition fees are the costs of your education at London Metropolitan University. We charge a range of fees depending on the course you take and whether or not you are a full or part-time student.

UK and EU students

For information on international student fees please visit International Tuition Fees  >

Undergraduate course fees

Our undergraduate courses typically cost £9,000 per year for UK and EU strudents, though many of our students benefit from fee reductions and bursaries. For full details see individual course pages

Contact Admissions for more details on our tuition fees policy:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 4200 or email:

Part-time students

Part-time students pay fees depending upon how many modules they do each year. Different students study at different rates, which is why we show a 'per module' fee rather than an 'annual' fee.

Paying your fees

All students will need to pay half of their tuition fees on their first day.

If you are sponsored or receive a student loan your fees will be paid directly by your sponsorship organisation or by the Student Loans Company.

Overseas students usually have to pay a deposit of between £1,000 and £4,000 before they start their course. Students who win full scholarships do not pay a deposit. 

Find out more about ways to pay your fees  >

Refunds, fee waivers and non-payment

Once you have enrolled the full tuition fees will need to be paid, even if you do not complete the academic year.

Non-payment of tuition fees will result in one, or more, of the following sanctions:

  • Withdrawal of library loan facilities, computer facilities and all other university facilities, including access to university buildings.
  • Cancellation of marks gained whilst a student is suspended
  • Deferral of consideration for an award by the University Awards Board until the debt is paid
  • Withholding of invitation to and/or participation in a graduation ceremony
  • Referral to our external debt collection agency(s)
  • Exclusion from the University instalment payment plan for fees and requirement to pay all outstanding fees in full
  • Permanent or temporary exclusion from the University

Refunds are at the discretion of the University and are only considered in exceptional circumstances. Tuition fee waivers and refunds will automatically be processed once you have formally withdrawn or intermitted from your course.

Find out more about withdrawing or interrupting your studies  >

A standard administration charge of £100 will apply to all refunds. The University will also apply a charge to cover any recruitment costs incurred via the University’s agents and/or offices overseas. This amount will be deducted from any refund that might be agreed.

To find out how much our undergraduate and postgraduate courses cost, please check each individual course page.

Tuition fees