Financial support


Maintenance Grant/Special Support Grant

The Maintenance Grant and Special Support Grant give eligible students financial help with accommodation and other living costs.

You can receive either the Maintenance Grant or the Special Support Grant, but not both.

Whether you qualify for a grant, and the level of grant you receive, depends on your household income. The full grant of £3,387 will be given if the household income is £25,000 or less.

The grants are government–funded and do not have to be repaid after you finish your course. You can apply for a grant at the same time as your Student Loans.

The grant will be paid into your bank account at the start of each term by the Student Loans Company.

Maintenance Grant

The amount you receive from the Maintenance Grant will affect how much you receive from the Maintenance Loan.

Remember that a Maintenance Grant is different to a Maintenance Loan – the Grant does not have to be paid back, but the Loan does.

If you receive the Maintenance Grant, your Maintenance Loan will be reduced by up to £1,693.

Special Support Grant

Students eligible for the Special Support Grant will usually be:

  • lone parents
  • student parents whose partner is also a student
  • students with a registered disability

If you receive the Special Support Grant, your Maintenance Loan will not be reduced.

Supplementary grants

If you are a student parent, or live with an adult who depends on you financially, or if you have a registered disability, you may be entitled to additional grants.

How do I apply for a grant?

You can apply for grants online by visiting GOV.UK

Where can I find further information on funding?

Check out our downloadable funding information sheets.

We also offer a bursary at London Met for students receiving the full Maintenance/Special Support Grant. Visit our bursaries page for more information.