Furniture - FdA - Portfolio Guidelines

The purpose of the portfolio interview is to try and assess each student’s potential and ability to benefit from the course. This will take the form of a discussion around the applicant’s range of interests and focus on their portfolio of work. The interview is a two-way process: the interviewer wants to see what skills and interests the applicant has, so it is important to spend some time preparing your portfolio.

We are looking for evidence of an enthusiasm for design and an interest in making things.  The portfolio should consist of several examples of 2D or 3D work that could be print, computer visuals, collage, models, needlework/sewing, photographs of projects undertaken. Work and/or items that show self-motivation and the ability to develop, carry through and complete are considered desirable. Please do not send in 3D models - photographs will be sufficient. You will also need to provide detailed information about each work and any preliminary work (sketch books/materials research), the name of the item and the date it was produced.