Science Apprenticeships

Laboratory Scientist or Laboratory Technician apprenticeships

Our £30 million Science Centre is the largest and most advanced science teaching facility in Europe. It has more than 280 workstations, a number of specialist labs, as well as sports therapy and fitness assessment facilities, which undoubtedly gives our science students a huge advantage

Working together with us on an apprentice scheme will ensure your staff develop the skills, and knowledge which are importance to your organisation. The Laboratory Scientist and Laboratory Technician apprentice schemes allow your staff to work inside a laboratory and towards qualifications (eg Foundation degree, full honours degree) while earning a salary.

We will help your staff to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that laboratory scientist or laboratory technician need in order to be fully competent inside a laboratory environment setting.  

We will focus on developing both knowledge and understanding of operational health and safety within a laboratory, and apprentices will learn about legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Approved Code of Practice.

We will work together with you to ensure we deliver the key knowledge, skills and behaviours required for your staff including the competence elements requirements in the workplace.

Our apprenticeship scheme is highly flexible and follows the blended learning approach and the study components can easily be fit around their existing job. Apprentices can attend one day per week (eg. day release), in blocks of a week or use a combination of these study modes. 

Laboratory Scientist - Level 5 Apprenticeship

Duration – Options to discuss with the organisation (eg typically 24 month’s duration). Key knowledge, skills and behaviours including the competence elements delivered on the scheme.

The apprenticeships scheme we offer involves a range of technical and scientific tasks and includes laboratory-based investigations and experiments. The scheme will follow competencies on the Chemistry BSc (Hons) degree programmes which are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Apprentices will analyse, interpret and evaluate relevant scientific information and develop experiments or investigations and recommend solutions to problems and become responsible for the quality work of delivered.

They will learn about applying knowledge of fundamental scientific principles to implement new methods based on scientific literature or input from senior team members. We will support your staff to become independent scientists and be part of the team and develop skills to help them solve problems and propose innovative scientific solutions to help your organisation.

Laboratory Technician - Level 3 Apprenticeship

Duration - Minimum of 18 months, typically 24 month’s duration. Key knowledge, skills and behaviours including the competence elements delivered on the scheme.

We will help your staff to deliver key knowledge, skills and behaviours required including competencies required in order to deliver routine and bespoke laboratory tests, support technical tasks independently or as part of the team. They will learn about taking ownership for the quality and accuracy of their work and we will help them to become problem solvers and find solutions to your organisation.