Quality Manual

‌The Quality Manual or QM has been designed to take the reader through the key procedures that make up the University's arrangements for the management of taught provision.

Each chapter addresses a core activity with descriptive procedures and, as appropriate, the forms/templates that are required to complete those procedures.

The Quality Manual is updated over the summer period for the start of each new academic session. The updating of forms/templates may occur during the academic year, as the need arises. Where that happens, the Quality Enhancement Unit will advise key users.

All forms/templates associated with these procedures can be accessed through the relevant section of the Quality Manual, but can also be viewed independently via the Templates, forms and guidance page.

Download the latest version of the Quality Manual 2017/18.

University courses are designed in accordance with the relevant framework listed below. Our processes include:

  • portfolio management
  • working with others – quality management of collaborative provision‌‌
  • monitoring and evaluation‌
  • modifications to courses and modules
  • periodic review and revalidation of courses and/or subject clusters
  • institutional review (collaborative provision)
  • short/professional course approvals
  • accreditation procedures regarding Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)‌

Quality Manual