Quality Assurance at the University

The Quality Enhancement Unit has been set to develop and support quality assurance and enhancement processes for the University and our Collaborative Partners.

You can find more information about our roles, responsibilities and contact details on the Quality Enhancement Unit Team page.

In its design, the University provision takes account of Part A of the UK Quality code.

Quality Assurance at the University is designed around the following procedures:

  • portfolio management
  • course approval and review
  • modification
  • monitoring and evaluation

University courses are also designed in accordance with the relevant framework listed below:

A - Undergraduate Framework - Undergraduate Framework Table

B - Postgraduate Framework - Postgraduate Framework Table

C - Research Framework

D - Assessment Framework

E - Online Learning Guide for Course Development

To access the University's approved course and module specifications, please see the Course Catalogue for course specifications and Module Catalogue for module specifications.

For more information on Quality Assurance at the University, please view the Quality Manual 2017/18.

You can also find more information about our roles, responsibilities and contact details on the Quality Enhancement Unit Team page.

Quality Assurance at the University

Welcome to the Quality Enhancement Unit (QEU)

Welcome to the Quality Enhancement Unit (QEU)

The Academic Quality at London Metropolitan University.

Quality Enhancement Unit Team

The QEU Team develops and supports the quality assurance and enhancement processes of the University and collaborative partners, both in the UK and overseas.

Quality Assurance Agency (including audits)

Our Quality Assurance procedures therefore aim to ensure that the quality of the learning experience of our students is our highest priority.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual has forms associated with the processes linked through the relevant sections, can also be viewed through the 'Templates, Forms, and Guidance' page.

Quality Enhancement Strategy

The Strategy sets out key aims, objectives and performance indicators associated with quality enhancement, along with an action plan for 2010-13.

Monitoring and Evaluation 'One-Stop-Shop'

Monitoring and Evaluation 'One-Stop-Shop'

The annual monitoring and evaluation data produced by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) and to External Examiner reports held by the Academic Registry.

Partners (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance Agency’s Academic Infrastructure acts as a tool to enable institutions to create their own internal policies.

Professional and statutory regulatory bodies (PSRB)

The University recognises that PSRB accreditation is an important dimension of academic standards, providing additional external references adding value in terms of employability.

External Scrutiny (QAA, MSCHE, EUA)

The Quality Enhancement Unit acts as the lead area within the University when undergoing external audit by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA UK) and other accreditation agencies.

Templates and guidance

The Templates, Forms and Guidance section is the collection of proformas, flow charts, hyperlinks and other relevant information, gathered in one place for ease of access.

Partnership Operation Manual (POM)

The Partnership Operational Manual (POM) takes the reader through the key stages of the procedures for the management of Partnership Operations.

Quality Calendar 2015/16

Quality Calendar of Business

The Quality Calendar of Business below contains Key events, process deadlines and key dates in the cycle of quality assurance processes for the current academic year.