One Campus, One Community


Welcome to the One Campus, One Community homepage. One Campus, One Community is the title of our project to invest £125 million into creating a single unified university campus here in Islington. The project will bring a host of changes including the refurbishment of our current buildings and the creation of new ones. Investment in technology and resources will increase our ability to teach and create a better sense of community for our diverse student groups. 

The University is excited to share with you the details of this incredible project. From here you will be able to access information about our masterplan, the shape of our future campus and information about what these changes will mean for you and what our next steps will be. Please also take a look at our Google+ page and join in on the discussion.

On 31 May 2016 the London Metropolitan University released the One Campus One Community Staff Consultation Pack which covered:

  1. Update on the OCOC campus project masterplan
  2. Update on appointments in the new senior management structure
  3. Information about a new and significant staffing consultation covering future redundancies which will take effect over the next two years

For more information please visit the OCOC FAQs page.

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